Triton Bay Divers

Written by Simon Mustoe

Get ready to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life and enjoy the tranquility above and below the waves on Aiduma Island.

Step back in time and imagine what Indonesia was like 40 years ago. This is how locals from other parts of the country describe the region of Kaimana and Triton Bay, still unspoiled by shopping malls and traffic jams. Now take a boat ride away from the main town of Kaimana and you will start your adventure to a world untouched and waiting to be explored.


Triton Bay Divers is a partnership between the founders and the Kamakaula family, who are the owners of much of the land around the island of Aiduma and who have lived on these lands for generations.  We, the founders, felt that the long term success of this project depends on having the local community fully behind us, and so the best way to achieve this was to bring them on board.  This way, our interests would be aligned and we would create a win/win situation for each party.  

We are acutely aware of the issues facing the planet, in particular the threat of man-made climate change and the impact of ocean acidification and rising water temperatures on coral reefs. It is especially sensitive to us as we see first hand that economic development often comes at the expense of the ecosystem. Our purpose then, together with our Papuan partners, is to promote eco-tourism as a means for sustainable development for the local community, to educate and spread awareness of the issues facing the planet, to share with the world a little corner of paradise, and to preserve it for future generations.

Wildiaries • April 2018